A Note from Coach

Hi All,


Now that we are into the off-season Field Hockey tournament season we wanted to clarify a few things.


One of the most important things is that off-season is just that, off-season.  We will most likely be entering at least 2 Fairport teams for each tournament.  Teams will be divided by us as we see fit for each individual tournament.  Regardless of who you play with or where you were last season, you still have to go through tryouts for placement for this coming Fall season.


Next up, it is very important for cost purposes and how many teams we can enter to let us know yes or no for each opportunity.  We understand other commitments are in place during field hockey off-season such as jobs, other sports and interests and take those into consideration.  Just letting us know is very helpful and important.  Along with that, please communicate as soon as possible if a situation arises after you have committed.


We are looking forward to a great off-season to keep your love, and ours, for field hockey going.  See you on the field!


Coach Delgado and Coach Sanna